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Beck & Jade is a new spin-off after the end of the show called Victorious. Beck and Jade, through the series of Victorious, have been known as the most popular couple in Hollywood Arts. Although they have shown their love for each other, their relationship is still dificult since they also fight and scream. In this spin-off we will see more about their relationship, more drama, more romance. It's a Beck and Jade story. So, don't forget to be part of this wiki! Thanks!

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This wiki is about our made up Beck and Jade from Victorious spin off.

Best Bade MomentsEdit

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  • S1 Jade Dumps Beck

Jade: You love me again Beck: Who said I stopped

  • S2 Beggin On Your Knees

Jade: You must feel pretty stupid right now Beck: Okay, thats a time out! Jade: Wha... No I was just trying to, Beck: Go sit on the steps

  • S3 Andre's Horrible Girl

Beck: I thought you had a date tonight Jade: Why did you think that Beck: It said so on your slap page Jade: Why are you stalking my slap page Beck: Why do you care Cat: Why is Robbie's zipper down

  • S4 Tori Fixes Beck and Jade

Beck: I've missed you Jade: so what are you gonna do about it

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