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  • I live in Mexico
  • I was born on March 22
  • My occupation is Lovely crazy Bader that has a lot of addictions, hates and loves a lot of things (maybe at the same time) and is kinda bipolar :D
  • I am a weird girl :)
  • BadeCoffeeWithLove

    Heey guys! :'D Well, if you're here, well... that means you know about this idea of creating this spin-off, and, well.. I just wanted to start with this, so... first of all, what characters will there be in the "series"?? Beck, Jade, and the others, too?? (I mean Robbie, Andre, Cat, etc. etc.) And where? Still in Hollywood Arts? College? Both? (I mean XD not at the same time, first in Hollywood Arts, then they graduate and, you know, that stuff :P) And how do you want the Pilot to turn out? What do you want to see there? :3 heehee~  Please answer D: lol xD

    PS: I love Bade so much. Bade Forever!~ 

    Karla~ :3

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